March 15, 2006
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Durable surface material made from recycled glass and cement

IceStone durable surfaces are terrazzo-like composites made from up to 75% recycled glass and cement. By directing hundreds of tons of glass away from the waste stream, IceStone provides a sustainable alternative to non-renewable and petrochemically derived materials.

IceStone is manufactured in a day-lit factory in the Brooklyn Navy Yard by a company that values socially responsible business practices. Extremely resilient and available in a wide array of colors, IceStone durable surfaces may be used for a range of applications, such as countertops and floor and wall coverings.

IceStone durable surfaces are installed and maintained just like granite, and they may be easily cut, shaped, water-jet, inlaid and mounted vertically or horizontally. Polishing brings out the luminescence of the glass, and honing or sandblasting adds texture and may further increase variations in shades and colors.

Contact: IceStone LLC, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

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