GKD Metal Fabrics

August 25, 2006

Woven metal fabrics

Woven metal fabrics have been developed for use as decorative and functional design elements in architecture. The French National Library in Paris was the first architectural project where GKD, in cooperation with French architect Dominique Perrault, succeeded in systematically implementing metal meshes in a building in various ways and applications. Since then, this development has continued worldwide. For decades, GKD has manufactured metal fabrics for industrial applications in filtration and separation technologies and the process belt sector. At first, it was their visual attractiveness that made metal fabrics suitable for the architecture and design sector. During the continuous product development, it became clear that metal fabrics also have considerable technical advantages which are extremely relevant in the field of architecture. Today, the architect has a wide range of fabric samples at hand, with weaving widths up to 26 feet. Woven metal fabrics may be used as partition elements, projection screens, and acoustic scrims appropriate for public buildings, opera houses and concert halls.

Contact: GKD-USA Inc., Cambridge, MD, USA.

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