October 14, 2018
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Thermobimetal structural shell

Exo is a vertical structure that makes use of the smart properties of thermobimetal, a coupling of two metal alloys that exhibit differing coefficients of thermal expansion. When heated, thermobimetal curls in a predictable direction, making it an appropriate material for transformable surfaces or constructions with minimal fasteners. To build Exo, designers at DOSU Studio Architecture heat thermobimetal strips to their activation temperature of 350˚F (177˚C) and hold them in place until they cool. After returning to their original flattened state, the alloy strips lock in place to create a pre-tensioned bow-beam. A collection of these bow-beams forms a robust and lightweight cylindrical shell that is reminiscent of a crustacean. This durable surface requires no connecting hardware, as Exo is held together entirely in tension.

Contact: DOSU Studio Architecture, Rolling Hills, CA, USA.

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