Discovery Wall

September 16, 2018

Circular lens-based digital display

The Discovery Wall is a display wall composed of circular pixels. Mini LCD screens are set in a grid pattern behind circular Fresnel lenses, which magnify the screen images. The screens broadcast continuously changing images and text via content management system (CMS) software. The screens can display content individually at a micro level or collectively at a macro level. The system is therefore easily adaptable to a range of audience speeds and distances, from slow-moving pedestrian window shoppers to passing drivers.

The Discovery Wall can be installed as part of an interior facade at various scales and sizes. The screens are attached to a printed circuit board that can be customized according to the building environment. Live information can be sent to the screens from a range of platforms, and if required, the CMS can be connected to APIs that allow users to engage with the wall and upload their own content.

Contact: Squint/Opera, London, UK.

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