Diamond Pier

January 16, 2006

Low impact foundation technology

The Pin Foundation Diamond Pier is a precast concrete pier and steel pin system that provides a solid foundation that reaches deep into the ground without digging. The pier components are light enough to hand-carry to the site, and the installation is simple, requiring only hand tools and a few minutes of time.

The development of Pin Foundation’s unique technology began more than two decades ago in an effort to design foundation systems that would eliminate excavation and minimize the disruption of the existing soil’s state and natural topography. These soils have developed over many centuries and provide critical natural storage and filtering for rainfall. Digging alters these soil characteristics, and Diamond Piers offer a cost-effective solution for installing a reliable and durable foundation without degrading streams and water quality.

The piers can be installed in any native soil or compacted fill—even in frost, expansive, or saturated soils often deemed too marginal for traditional construction. Predetermined pin lengths are driven through slots in the pier that has been installed at grade. There are two pier sizes: The DP-50 and DP-100, weighing fifty and one hundred pounds, respectively. The DP-50 can achieve a maximum capacity of four thousand pounds, while the DP-100 can achieve a maximum capacity of eight thousand pounds. The soils encountered and the length of the pin installed will determine the pier’s capacity.

Contact: Pin Foundations Inc., Gig Harbor, WA, USA.

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