Heat Treated Carpet

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Reused carpet sheeting material Carpet is typically used for 7-10 years (residential) or 5-8 years (commercial), and re-carpeting accounts for 55% of all carpet sold.


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Decorative interlayer surface panels Lunalite decorative surfaces exhibit a range of effects, from rustic textures to metallic shimmer. This collection of sophisticated interlayers features materials

Solar Ivy

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Solar energy device inspired by ivy Solar Ivy is a solar energy generation and delivery system inspired by ivy. Attached to a building façade, its


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High-contour architectural acrylic R-Cast Textures acrylic material weighs half as much as glass but is 17 times stronger. It is also four times stronger than


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Illuminated living wall MYPODLife is a living wall and light box made of DuPont Corian. Part of an ongoing investigation into living wall technologies, MYPODLife

Ambient Glow Technology

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Photoluminescent aggregates Ambient Glow Technology (AGT) is a proprietary blend of non-shrinking, extremely hard polyester resin and photoluminescent pigment. Exhibiting extremely high luminosity, AGT was

Bio-Based Foams

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Bio-based flexible and rigid foams The Center for Composite Materials has synthesized flexible/rigid polyurethane foams from soybean oil polyols. The advantage of these foams is


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Graphically-enhanced acrylic R-Cast Mirage is a custom acrylic panel for interiors. Using specially-developed fabrication methods, custom colors, images, or graphics can be accurately reproduced in


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Translucent screen made from post-consumer waste Michelle Brand designed Flowerfall specifically to address our ever-growing amount of plastic thrown away each year. Flowerfall is an

Topiary Tile

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Flexible light and sound cushioning material When the International Center of Photography approached Matter to design an installation for presenting isolated audio/visual works for an