PS Photo Tiles

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High-resolution photographic tiles Sweden-based Parisima Kadh AB has developed a method for applying photographic images and other visual content to ceramic tiles. Unlike similar processes

OneStep Building System

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Concrete Form Masonry Units The OneStep Building System is a holistic, high-performance building product that addresses the entire exterior structure of a wall. The System’s


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Flexible natural shell surface covering Flexipane is a seamless surface covering made of natural shells popularly known as Capiz. The shells are made soft and

Ceramic Composite Material

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Carbon fiber-reinforced ceramic composite Brembo Ceramic Brake Systems manufactures advanced composite ceramic braking systems for automotive applications as well as general research and development for


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Oxide coated green-tech water filtration media and porous concrete matrixes Many lakes, ponds and rivers suffer from algae blooms and depleted dissolved oxygen as a


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Natural shell panels Eco-Essence is a decorative surface panel, handmade from natural Mother of Pearl or Capiz shells, available on a selection of backings for


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Fused-stone and protective-glass composite The Fusionstone proprietary process involves ultra-clear glass permanently fused to exotic stone slabs to achieve superior surface protection while retaining and

Kerrigan Architectural Tile

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High-relief ceramic forms Kerrigan ceramic architectural tiles are the result of Chicago-based designer Bryan Kerrigan’s methodical exploration of dimensionality and texture of the ceramic tile.

Tactile Ceramics

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Biomorphic porcelain sculptures Ikuko Iwamoto’s work is influenced by the microscopic world, and she is infatuated with cells, spores, and pollens. Iwamoto’s Tactile Ceramics are

Novec 1230

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Zero ozone-depleting fire-protection fluid 3M’s Novec 1230 fire-protection fluid is a next-generation halon replacement that balances concerns for human safety, performance, and the environment. Novec