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Textured reflective tiling system Crystalmeshglass is an enhanced flexible tiling system comprised of crystals, stained-glass, and mirror pieces connected via fiberglass mesh backing which may

Northern Lights

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Thermochromic glass Northern Lights is a glass product that can change its appearance due to a change in temperature. Human touch, a change in the

G Series

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Recycled glass architectural coating EverGreene’s G Series glass coating system is composed of 100% recycled glass suspended in a natural binder, then hand applied to

Recycled Crystal Glass

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Recycled pre-consumer lead crystal glass Fernando Miguel Marques collects postindustrial waste glass from Atlantis, the largest Portugese producer of lead crystal glass. Marques has developed

Poured Glass

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Cast resin with encapsulated interlayers between glass lites 3form Poured Glass is produced by encapsulating organic materials and fabrics with a poured cast resin. This


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Zero energy media wall GreenPix is the first Zero Energy Media Wall, absorbing solar energy during the day and then powering the media wall at

SentryGlas Expressions

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Exterior Grade, digitally printed laminated glass Pulp Studio’s SentryGlas Expressions is a computer-controlled digital imaging system for decorative glass, made with a UV resistant ink

Vector Glass

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Glass with vector graphics of embedded air Vector Glass combines the the precision of digital fabrication with the serendipity of handmade, kiln-formed glass. PadLAb works

Convex Glass

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Dimensional glass panels Convex Glass was produced and developed by Nathan Allan Glass Studios with the architectural firms Janson/Goldstein and Front Inc. in New York.


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Self-cleaning glass Pilkington’s Activ glass uses the power of the sun to clean itself. Activ is manufactured with the same advanced pyrolytic technology used to