Breathe Brick

December 17, 2017

Air purifying concrete masonry system

Breathe Brick is a masonry system that filters polluted outdoor air so that it becomes healthy enough to bring directly into occupied spaces. Based on the principle of cyclonic technology, in which physical particles are removed from a fluid via vortex separation, Breathe Brick does not require any energy to operate, as it works with pressure and temperature differentials. Air flows into the individual modules by way of faceted surfaces, and an embedded cyclone filter causes air to create a small vortex, filtering out impurities in the process. The modules are vertically aligned via recycled polymer couplers, and particulates fall into a collection hopper in the bottom course.

Developed by California Polytechnic State University architecture professor Carmen Trudell, the system is a passive method of improving indoor air quality as well as an elegant load-bearing exterior wall assembly that can be customized or mass-produced based on the application. Breathe Brick is optimal for one- or two-story structures in areas with poor air quality.

Contact: California Polytechnic State University College of Architecture & Environmental Design, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA.

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