Body Brush

January 20, 2006

Interactive digital body painting

Body Brush is a real-time body-driven immersive experience. It captures spatial human motion data and transforms it into a rich variety of 3D visual forms that are visualized through a stereo projector and has 3D sound.

The Body Brush process is achieved with the development of a low-cost computer-vision–based motion analysis system using frontal infrared illumination in addition to an innovative graphic rendering software, which translates anatomical gestures into 3D digital pathways.

Professional visual artists can use this intuitive interface to create rich 2D, 3D, or animated visual artwork. Since the tracking system can be easily adapted to stage lighting, stage setup, and costumes, the Body Brush interface can augment live performances with real-time interaction between dancers or actors, the audiovisual output, and the machine. Research is also currently being conducted to transform the Body Brush interface into a semi-immersive virtual environment with body-driven audiovisual feedback for therapeutic applications.

Contact: City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China.

For more information, see Transmaterial: A Catalog of Materials That Redefine our Physical Environment

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