November 19, 2017

Sound-modulating architectural textile system

Bloom is an acoustically tunable textile surface designed for spaces with varying acoustic needs. The shape-changing suspended ceiling is composed of knitted mohair fabric and automatically opens and closes to modulate noise. Bloom’s geometry consists of slightly varied triangular shapes, which enhances its capacity to absorb undesired sound waves when open. Alternatively, when users want a live acoustic environment, Bloom collapses to permit increased reverberation.

Envisioned as an interactive acoustic cloud by Yeadon Space Agency in collaboration with Jsssjs Product Design and WickesWerks, Bloom is a highly customizable system in which material, scale, and color may be modified to suit a particular space. The system is ideal for interior environments with demanding acoustic needs, such as conference rooms, restaurants, libraries, auditoriums, and airports.

Contact: Yeadon Space Agency, Brooklyn, NY, USA.

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