September 9, 2018

Fluid-filled tactile sensor

BioTac emulates the sensory capability and physical qualities of the human fingertip. The design consists of a rigid core enveloped by a liquid-filled, elastic skin with sophisticated tactile sensing. Developed by SynTouch to provide robots with haptic awareness, BioTac enables machine touch via sensing force, vibration, and temperature.

Standard tribology technology, which pertains to the interaction between moving surfaces, produces calculable measurements; however, these are not typically correlated with human tactility. Designers must, therefore, depend upon the subjective opinions of consultants and focus groups for information about touch. Using BioTac as the foundation of its testing system, SynTouch employs a process that combines precise quantification with humanlike perception. The company views this technology as a critical part of connecting human and machine awareness.

Contact: SynTouch LLC, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

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