July 15, 2011

Interactive window

The beMerlin interactive screen and shopping window allows unprecedented user interactivity. Thanks to a unique movement tracking system, beMerlin works through a wide range of window-glass types, even special glass used in jewelers or banks. The beMerlin standard configuration is composed of a video-based movement tracking system, a computer, a beamer and a transparent screen. The cameras of the tracking system detect the hand movements at a distance and send their location to the computer. The data is instantly processed and the beamer receives the information to be projected on the screen.

Possible applications include urban windows transformed into interactive public information screens, as well as virtual showrooms that allow customers to pre-order items before a store opens. The beMerlin technology is invisible and is easy to install, move or transport. No expensive retrofitting or installation is required.

Contact: Atracsys LLC, Bottens, Switzerland.

For more information, see Transmaterial 3: A Catalog of Materials that Redefine our Physical Environment

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