August 6, 2017

Artichoke thistle chair

The artichoke thistle is an edible plant that has been harvested in central and western Mediterranean regions since ancient times. One of the most prevalent plant species in Greece, the artichoke thistle is well adapted to dry climates and has been identified as a promising natural resource for the local biofuel industry.

Seeking a fresh use for byproducts of the plant, designer Spyros Kizis has developed a biodegradable ecomaterial composed of the plant fibers and bioresin—essentially a plant fiber–reinforced plastic. Kizis has used the material to create compression-molded components for a variety of interior furnishings, including a lounge chair, dining chair, and coffee table.

Because the new composite utilizes plant components that are not employed to make biofuels, the fabrication process may be creatively coupled with biofuel production to take full advantage of the natural resource. Since the furniture is inherently biodegradable, artichoke thistle seeds are intentionally interspersed within the reinforced material during fabrication. Buried pieces can thus germinate new plants.

Contact: Kizis Studio, London, UK.

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