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Contact by Felix Faire

Contact by Felix Faire

Instructions for Submission

Transmaterial Next: A Catalog of Materials that Will Redefine our Future Physical Environment
Editor: Blaine Brownell, Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press

Transmaterial Next: Materials That Will Redefine Our Future Physical Environment is scheduled for publication by Princeton Architectural Press in late 2016/early 2017. Based on the critically acclaimed Transmaterial series, the new book will focus on innovative materials and products that have significant potential to transform architecture and design—but are not yet commercially available (eligible materials and products can be prototypes, but not mass-produced consumer goods).

If you are interested in participating and have developed materials, products, or applications that meet these criteria, please submit the following:

You are welcome to submit more than one material or product. For photographs, please include professionally photographed close-up views and application photos if possible (additional drawings or diagrams are also welcomed). Submit your files via the direct uplink included in the submission forms above—or with the file transfer service of your choice (e.g., Google Drive, DropBox, Hightail, etc.).

For your reference, a preliminary layout from the manuscript may be downloaded here (design subject to change). Feel free to email me with any questions (see forms for my contact info).

Please share this opportunity with any colleagues you feel may be interested, and thank you in advance for your participation.

Best regards,
Blaine Brownell