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Glass flooring and surfaces UltraGlas Inc. offers an embossed low-iron glass for flooring and other surface applications. UltraGlasFlooring may be laminated for suspended applications. It


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Aluminum foam Alulight aluminum foam was designed to combine attributes such as high stiffness, low weight, and high energy absorption—qualities that enable aluminum foam to

Square Chair

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Glass chair made with flexible suspension system Designed by Robert Buss, Square Chair No. 5 is a modern piece made of glass and steel; the

Krystal Weave

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Translucent polymer fabric Libby Kowalski of Kova Textiles developed the Krystal Weave collection because she was inspired by the water-clear yarn that is used prominently


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Three-dimensional woven glass fabric Parabeam 3D glass fabric is woven out of a 100% e-glass yarn and consists of two deck layers bonded together by


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Intumescent glazing system SGG Swissflam is a fire resistant and fully insulated glazing system produced from sheets of multi-laminated safety glass, separated by clear intumescent

GKD Metal Fabrics

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Woven metal fabrics Woven metal fabrics have been developed for use as decorative and functional design elements in architecture. The French National Library in Paris


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Lightweight wheat straw and paper construction system Durra Building Systems manufactures engineered acoustic wall, roof, and ceiling systems for venues such as theaters, airports, convention

Transbuoyant Concrete

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High tensile strength concrete Architect Peter Jay Zweig and Monotech International, Inc. have developed an innovative, extremely fast, flexible, inexpensive, and environmentally-friendly building system with


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Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks and panels SafeCrete blocks and panels, made from autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), are noncombustible, inorganic, dimensionally accurate, and durable. The cellular