Self-Structured Sliding Doors

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Self-supporting paper screens Traditional Japanese shoji are sliding doors made of washi paper supported by wood crosspieces. The paper offers privacy and protection from wind


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High-performance LCP yarn Vectran is a high-performance multifilament yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer (LCP). Vectran fiber exhibits exceptional strength and rigidity and is five


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Superior performance medium- and high-density fiberboard Maplex is an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional wood building materials. Maplex P (Performance) is a high-density fiberboard with

Texaa Panels

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High-performance acoustical panel and wallcovering Texaa manufacturers a suite of products engineered to address the acoustical challenges of any room, including Strato, Stereo, and Vibrasto


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Low-reflectivity stainless-steel finish InvariMatte is a nondirectional, low-gloss, uniformly textured stainless-steel finish designed for use in architectural applications. While its lower reflectivity lends itself to


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Syntactic foam Advantic is a syntactic foam made by mixing or combining hollow glass microspheres with an epoxy resin. This high-strength composite solves many of

Array Screen

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Decorative steel screen Array is a stainless-steel screen inspired by the decorative economy of patterns in Islamic architecture, mathematical sequences, and growth patterns in nature.


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Acetylated wood Accoya is a high-performance solid wood that is modified by a proprietary process called acetylization. This technique increases the number of acetyl molecules,


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Fiber-reinforced precast concrete Extremeconcrete is a hyper-reinforced concrete that has the density of stone without the heavy weight. Meld’s proprietary reinforcement process distributes two types

Concrete Canvas Shelter

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Rapidly deployable building made from concrete cloth The Concrete Canvas Shelter is a rapidly deployable hardened shelter that requires only water and air for erection.