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Mycological bio-composite Mycobond is a mycological bio-composite that can be used in a wide variety of applications. Instead of conventional manufacturing processes, Mycobond uses mycelium—which

Fly Ash Panels

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Fly ash building components Fly ash is the waste product of burning coal that is largely comprised of carbon and contains many heavy metals. Fly

Bio-Based Foams

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Bio-based flexible and rigid foams The Center for Composite Materials has synthesized flexible/rigid polyurethane foams from soybean oil polyols. The advantage of these foams is

Coco Tiles

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Reclaimed coconut shell tiles Made from reclaimed coconut shells, low-VOC resins and sustainably-harvested wood backer material, Kirei Coco Tiles may be used as decorative tiles


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Hand-loomed natural grass fiber textiles Windochine’s lustrous, organic weaves are hand loomed in Asia by master craftsmen steeped in traditional techniques. Windochine’s signature design is


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Translucent screen made from post-consumer waste Michelle Brand designed Flowerfall specifically to address our ever-growing amount of plastic thrown away each year. Flowerfall is an

Linea Nova

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Linear grain hardwood flooring Linea Nova S/V/L is new engineered hardwood flooring made from sustainably-harvested timber. Its distinctive linear wood grain coordinates with ASI’s Ecolinea

Recycled Crystal Glass

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Recycled pre-consumer lead crystal glass Fernando Miguel Marques collects postindustrial waste glass from Atlantis, the largest Portugese producer of lead crystal glass. Marques has developed


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Recycled modular interlocking paving tiles Terrewalks is an alternative to concrete sidewalks, made of recycled tire rubber and reused PET plastic. Terrewalks is pervious and


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Ceramic tube light fixture Designed by Monika Piatkowski, the Fling light is made from industrial ceramic tubes used for temperature measurement in industrial furnaces. The