Fortis Arbor

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Wood mosaic tiles Fortis Arbor wood mosaics are made by shaping and finishing exotic hardwoods made from plantation-grown lumber. The tiles are handcrafted from solid

Sonic Fabric

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Audible upholstery woven of recycled cassette tape Artist Alyce Santoro invented Sonic Fabric after being inspired by Tibetan prayer flags inscribed with wind-activated blessings as


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Fiber-reinforced 100%-recycled-glass precast concrete According to Meld, over seven million tons of glass are sent to landfills each year in the United States alone. EcoX


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PLA Textile In a notable departure from petroleum-based textiles, Ingeo derives its fiber from corn, an annually renewable resource. Bacterial fermentation is used to convert


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Bamboo and coconut-palm strips with a cloth backing Smith and Fong’s Tambour is a flexible, lightweight panel that is a cost effective and highly durable


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Woven water-hyacinth daybed According to the University of Florida Center for Aquatic Plants, water hyacinth is one of the most invasive plants. Water hyacinth was


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End-grain coconut-palm solid surfacing CocoBlock is a solid surface material made entirely of coconut palm that has been specially engineered to reveal its naturally fibrous

Disposable Office

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Recyclable recycled furniture The value of paper is typically measured by the value of the information it carries; once the information is deemed useless, the

Vy & Elle

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Recycled-vinyl-billboard bags and accessories Vinyl billboards are used nationwide as temporary banner advertisements and are usually discarded into landfills, where they leech polluting materials. Upset


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Architectural panels crafted from environmentally friendly OSB Rapidly renewable timber is used to create Architectural Systems’ Ecotextures, architectural panels crafted from environmentally friendly oriented strand