Recycled Crystal Glass

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Recycled pre-consumer lead crystal glass Fernando Miguel Marques collects postindustrial waste glass from Atlantis, the largest Portugese producer of lead crystal glass. Marques has developed


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Recycled modular interlocking paving tiles Terrewalks is an alternative to concrete sidewalks, made of recycled tire rubber and reused PET plastic. Terrewalks is pervious and


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Ceramic tube light fixture Designed by Monika Piatkowski, the Fling light is made from industrial ceramic tubes used for temperature measurement in industrial furnaces. The

Choreographed Geometry

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Constructed three-dimensional fabric Choreographed Geometry is a systematically developed textile object whose geometry is exposed to a number of manipulative processes through its use in


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Recycled PET and vinyl textiles Vy&Elle creates products for everyday use from second generation industrial waste such as reclaimed vinyl billboards, fabric banners and 100%


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Mycological biomaterial Mycoply board is a mycological biomaterial that is actually grown in a few months. It has properties similar to balsa wood and can

Luminous SkyCeilings

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Backlit sky image ceiling system Sky Factory Luminous SkyCeilings are “authentic illusions” of real sky intended to promote comfort and vitality in viewers by transforming

Eco Leather Tile

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Leather flooring tiles Eco Leather Tile is made from post-industrial recycled leather and is designed for both flooring and wall applications. A new addition to

Tatami Igusa

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Igusa straw wall covering Igusa straw is the primary ingredient used to make Tatami mats in Japan. The material has a variety of benefits such


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Flexible natural shell surface covering Flexipane is a seamless surface covering made of natural shells popularly known as Capiz. The shells are made soft and