Washi Laminated Glass

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Laminated glass with washi parchment and PVB Washi laminated glass panel is a combination of two glass sheets with handmade Japanese washi parchment and one


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Concrete building insulation system The Thermomass Building System is a pre-engineered, energy-efficient insulated concrete sandwich wall system developed by Composite Concrete Technologies. Thermomass is comprised

Plains Collection

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Metal-enhanced solar textile Kova Textiles developed the Plains Collection to improve upon existing solar shade matrices. Made from vinyl coated polyester and aluminum slit film,

Softwall LED

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Expandable illuminated polyethylene partition Softwall + Softblock is a modular, space-shaping system of expandable/compressible honeycomb seating, partitions, and lighting conceived from the desire for flexible,


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Knitted stainless steel and polyester fabric DoubleFace is a semi-transparent fabric with one side comprised of stainless steel and the other made of polyester. This


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Metallic high-pressure laminate As the early Alchemists sought to turn common lead into precious gold and silver, Lamin-Art’s latest innovation transforms common HPL into a

Structural Tambour

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Wood-fabric hybrid tambour Designer Hongtao Zhou invented this structural tambour in 2008 in Madison, Wisconsin and made his first bench from this new structure. The

Varia Ecoresin

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Laminated 40% pre-consumer recycled PETG Varia Ecoresin is a dynamic interlayer system comprised by partially pre-consumer recycled PETG. The system allows for the custom selection

OneStep Building System

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Concrete Form Masonry Units The OneStep Building System is a holistic, high-performance building product that addresses the entire exterior structure of a wall. The System’s

3S Solar Block

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Energy-efficient diffuse daylighting system Duo-Gard Daylighting with 3S Solar Block represents an advance in high-performance daylighting technology using translucent polycarbonate glazing. The vision-enhanced, spectrally-selective coating