Revelation Screen

Dec 16, 2009No Comments

Etched plastic panels laminated with color changing films Designed by Naomi Tsai, Revelation Screen combines color-changing film with polycarbonate and acrylic panels etched with organic

Live Within Skin

Dec 05, 2009No Comments

Vertical-garden wall system Live Within Skin is a wall system comprised of engineered layers of lightweight plant growth medium. Designed by Greenmeme ecological designer Freya


Nov 22, 2009No Comments

Fused-stone and protective-glass composite The Fusionstone proprietary process involves ultra-clear glass permanently fused to exotic stone slabs to achieve superior surface protection while retaining and


Oct 21, 2009No Comments

Acrylic-infused wood WoodSure is natural wood that has been infused with acrylic resin, which enhances both the beauty of the wood and its durability. The

Mold Gardens

Jul 25, 2009No Comments

Glass sandblasted with enlarged images of mold and growth medium Mold almost always carries a negative connotation. However, landscape artist Stacy Levy celebrates the substance,

Portable Light

Jul 14, 2009No Comments

Energy-harvesting textile Portable Light is an interdisciplinary design and engineering project initiated by KVA MATx to provide decentralized, sustainable lighting and electrical power to more


Jul 10, 2009No Comments

Stained-glass and mirror surfacing Meshglass is a flexible tiling system comprised of stained-glass and mirror pieces connected to a fiberglass mesh backing. Designed to overlay


May 27, 2009No Comments

Syntactic foam laminate Synlam is Cornerstone Research Group’s family of high-performance, syntactic-core, laminated composites. A unique material design and fabrication process incorporates thin layers of


May 05, 2009No Comments

Cast resin and silk sandwiched between glass 3form Glass is based on a patent-pending liquid lamination technology that allows for even distribution of objects throughout

LEDs in Glass

Apr 24, 2009No Comments

LEDs in transparent glass panels Conceived by glass artist Ulli Kampelmann, LEDs in Glass was originally developed to expand the opportunities available in her own