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Recycled insulating concrete forms Faswall forms are used for building insulated reinforced concrete structures for both residential and commercial construction. The recycled wood chip–based cement

Krystal Weave Laminates

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Translucent fabric encapsulated in polymer resin sheets Developed by Libby Kowalski, Krystal Weave Laminates capture and isolate fabrics from her Krystal Weave collection in transparent,


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Fused wood and translucent acrylic Luminate combines translucent plastic and wood strips in a rigid panel format, allowing light to filter through a material used

Deco Wired Glass

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Metal wire-reinforced safety glass Designed by Simone de Waart, Deco Wired Glass is safety glass reinforced with stainless steel wires knitted into decorative configurations. Because


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Triangulated metal composite frame ExoGrid is a technology that was initially developed to improve the performance of high-end bicycle frames. In this application, the tubes


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Epoxy resin-based composite containing recycled glass Ttura was developed as a result of a collaboration between Resin Building Products Limited and Sheffield Hallam University’s Art

Living Glass

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Tables and objects with fractured glass surfaces Gianfranco Barban and Gregg Brodarick of B.lab have created a series of tabletops, panels, and floor tiles they


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Electrified preformed wood Wood.e is essentially electrified wood. Furniture made of Wood.e, with an electrical current of 12V, permits one to easily plug in different


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Quartz solid surface Cambria manufactures engineered quartzite stone composed of 93% pure quartz crystal united with a polyester resin binder. Cambria is incredibly durable; only

Squak Mountain Stone

May 28, 20062 Comments

Lightweight recycled paper cement composite Squak Mountain Stone is a paper and cement-based composite developed by Ameé Quiriconi as a solution for reusing waste paper.