Split Block

May 13, 2007No Comments

Sculptural unfolding light The Split Block represents the exploration of transformation and reconfigurability with a light sculpture. At first glance, it appears to be a


Apr 04, 2007No Comments

Plastic laminate sheets with fabric and printed films Designed by Suzanne Tick and introduced by KnollTextiles in 2000, Imago is a family of products made

Paper Softwall

Mar 31, 2007No Comments

Expandable paper and wool room partition The Paper Softwall is a lightweight freestanding wall that can be arranged into almost any shape or easily compressed

Tri-Chord Steel

Mar 27, 2007No Comments

Thermally-efficient steel framing system A recycled steel stud system can be an environmentally superior choice to virgin wood studs, but thermal bridging between the highly

Cloud Module

Mar 23, 2007No Comments

Polystyrene shelving system Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec’s Cloud Modules are modular shelving units made of white polystyrene. The Cloud system was conceived as the proliferation


Mar 19, 20071 Comment

Translucent honeycomb panels with laminated fiberglass or cast resin facings Panelite panels were developed by architects Emmanuelle Bourlier and Christian Mitman to resolve an architectural


Feb 28, 2007No Comments

Lightweight recycled metal ceiling panels Geometrix Metal Ceiling Panels add an entirely new dimension to metal ceiling design. The lightweight aluminum panels are offered in

Square Chair

Feb 08, 2007No Comments

Glass chair made with flexible suspension system Designed by Robert Buss, Square Chair No. 5 is a modern piece made of glass and steel; the


Jan 20, 2007No Comments

Fabric light-control panels When used as a window and skylight covering, the polyester-based Lighttex panel blocks and redistributes direct sunlight more effectively than vertical or


Jan 16, 2007No Comments

Hand-cast resin panels with encapsulated three-dimensional objects Lumicast incorporates embedded materials such as textiles, fibers, and organic substances within hand-cast polyester resin panels. Various inks