PS Photo Tiles

Jun 19, 2010No Comments

High-resolution photographic tiles Sweden-based Parisima Kadh AB has developed a method for applying photographic images and other visual content to ceramic tiles. Unlike similar processes

Memorial Rebirth

May 10, 2010No Comments

Atmospheric thickening Developed by Japanese artist Shinji Ohmaki, Memorial Rebirth is an installation intended to “weave stories with countless bubbles.” The project consists of 50


May 06, 2010No Comments

Anisotropic textured surface Neri Oxman visualizes, analyzes and reconstructs 2D natural micro-structural tissues into 3D macro-scale prototypes by computing hypothetical physical responses. She uses a

Shelf Space

Apr 18, 2010No Comments

CNC-machined hardwood The result of an experimental four-month collaboration with an aerospace machinery manufacturer, the fluid form of Paul Loebach’s Shelf Space pushes the limits


Feb 20, 2010No Comments

Digitally-fabricated Corian bench Vertebrae is a kit of parts that allows the construction of multi-scale objects that modify the spaces they inhabit. This piece, while

Self-Repairing Matrices

Feb 09, 2010No Comments

Self-Repairing and Sensing Matrices The fact that structural damage can go undetected in many materials means that some products are often over-engineered. However, substances that

Graphic Panels

Jan 15, 2010No Comments

Decorative surface panels with applied graphics Decorative Graphic Panels are created by a process that incorporates a translucent and/or graphic material applied to a variety

Ombrae System

Sep 29, 2009No Comments

Sculptural imaging with optical tile Ombrae System is a patent-pending computer-based image-processing system that allows for any digital image to be embedded directly into any

Dimple Halftone

Jul 12, 2009No Comments

Textured image panels Dimple Halftone is a new process intended to create a microlandscape of texture that, when viewed at different distances, can be recognized

Bubble Screen

Jun 22, 2009No Comments

Liquid-based dot-matrix display The Bubble Screen is a dot-matrix display that uses air bubbles as pixels. Developed by Eyal Burstein at Beta Tank, this display