Prism Screen

Nov 24, 2008No Comments

Modular aluminum-prism screen system The aggregation of thin, triangular aluminum prisms, which are transformed into intriguing structures that resemble eccentric space-frames, makes up Prism Screen.


Nov 20, 2008No Comments

Form-pressed veneer panels POP is a form-pressed-plywood panel system featuring three-dimensional convex impressions in a variety of wood and other finishes. POP is manufactured in

Tactile Ceramics

Nov 16, 2008No Comments

Biomorphic porcelain sculptures Ikuko Iwamoto’s work is influenced by the microscopic world, and she is infatuated with cells, spores, and pollens. Iwamoto’s Tactile Ceramics are

Wovin Wall

Nov 05, 2008No Comments

Multidimensional wall and ceiling panel system The Wovin Wall System is a simple, modular panel system that utilizes depth for dramatic effect. It consists of

Erwin Hauer Continua

Sep 07, 2008No Comments

Digitally fabricated multidimensional surfaces Erwin Hauer Continua is a series of designs for perforated and light-diffusing architectural surfaces. Originally developed in 1950, Continua screens were

Soft Pad

Aug 20, 2008No Comments

Colored-urethane gel cushion Soft Pad is a line of simple, playful objects designed by Fabrice Covelli of FProduct to enliven public and private spaces. Each

Blob Wall

Jul 07, 2008No Comments

Free-standing modular wall system The result of a collaboration between designer Greg Lynn and the principals at Panelite, Blob Wall is an attempt to redefine


Jun 03, 2008No Comments

Foam-encapsulated furniture with dimensional fabric Facett is a furniture collection made of foam without any visible structure or feet. The complete encapsulation of foam gives

Reckli Formliners

May 16, 2008No Comments

Texturing system for exposed-concrete surfaces While fabrication of textured exposed-concrete surfaces using elastic formliners has been practiced worldwide for more than thirty-five years, Reckli Formliners

XURF Systems

May 01, 2008No Comments

Continuously morphable curved surfaces XURF (eXpandable sURFaces) Systems generates continuously morphable curved surfaces. Inspired by biological membranes, the resulting surfaces are rigid yet pliable and