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Recycled children’s boots Children grow out of their colored Wellington boots quickly and thousands of pairs end up unsold in charity shops and eventually disappear


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Light diffusion and control technology MesoOptics technology offers an innovative way to purify and control light with exceptional energy efficiency. MesoOptics material is produced using

Liquids Ghosts

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Plastic laminate incorporating microscopic photography Alex Schweder created Liquids Ghosts in order to blur the distinction between buildings and the bodies that occupy them. His


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Expanded polypropylene acoustical panels Pepp acoustical panels are made with ARPRO, which is expanded polypropylene bead foam. Pepp panels are lightweight, structurally rigid, and are


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Textured glass tile surfacing and flooring UltraGlas Taffeta features a subtle and durable embossed texture on the exposed surface. Many designs may be specified with


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Metallic interlayers for laminated glass Vanceva metallic interlayers are permanently bonded between two sheets of glass to form durable, high performance glazing. The Vanceva metallic


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High performance translucent glazing Solera is a high-performance translucent glazing made of glass. As a light diffuser, it is the equivalent of three to four

Intaglio Composites

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Photographic imaging in concrete Employing a combination of chemistry, high-tech equipment, concrete expertise, and graphical technology, Intaglio Composites can permanently integrate any high resolution image


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Glass flooring and surfaces UltraGlas Inc. offers an embossed low-iron glass for flooring and other surface applications. UltraGlasFlooring may be laminated for suspended applications. It


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Aluminum foam Alulight aluminum foam was designed to combine attributes such as high stiffness, low weight, and high energy absorption—qualities that enable aluminum foam to