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Internet umbrella Researchers with Keio University’s Okude Laboratory have developed an unlikely platform to showcase content from the burgeoning image website Flickr. Pileus, also known


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Modular interactive-sensor and lighting system The Sensacell system transforms architectural surfaces into dynamic interactive experiences. Sensacell capacitive proximity sensors detect people and objects on the

Graphic Concrete

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Patterned precast concrete Graphic Concrete offers a new way to produce a patterned concrete surface. Graphic Concrete’s patented technology involves the application of a surface

Printed Food

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Two-dimensional information-carrying food Printed Food is an edible material that provides a way to convey the nutritious elements of food to consumers in an extremely


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Individual-tracking information display system Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is an automated identification process based on the storage and retrieval of data using transponders or RFID tags.

Magink Billboard

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Digital-ink outdoor display Magink is the world’s first developer and provider of full-color “digital ink” displays. Digital ink technology is an environmentally friendly alternative to


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Algorithmically-derived metal systems Milgo/Bufkin can bend complex shapes in metal, providing solutions to the most demanding problems. These shapes are economical alternatives to extrusions and


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Data-layered seating textile Maharam approached Hella Jongerius in 2001 with an open objective – to create a single textile which would permit a suite of

Photo-Cast Tiles

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Photographic bas-relief ceramic tiles Photo-Form LLC is a tile studio which provides designers the ability to create bas-relief tiles from photographs. Utilizing its patent-pending Photo-Cast

Liquids Ghosts

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Plastic laminate incorporating microscopic photography Alex Schweder created Liquids Ghosts in order to blur the distinction between buildings and the bodies that occupy them. His