Dimension Elevator

Oct 20, 2008No Comments

Immersive video environment Dimension Elevator is an immersive media environment that attempts to demonstrate the fluid transformation of a physical space via seamlessly projected video

Recursive Pattern Process

Aug 27, 2008No Comments

Process generating evolving, nonperiodic patterns Materials produced in modular units based on traditional industrial practices are inevitably confined to predictable, repeating patterns. A common example

Backlight Images

Aug 23, 2008No Comments

Backlit three-dimensional relief in DuPont Corian Backlight Images are three-dimensional solid-surface topographies created from digital images. Developed and manufactured by the R. D. Wing Company,


Aug 16, 2008No Comments

Augmented round table for architecture and urban planning Augmented Round Table for ArcHitecture and URban Planning (ARTHUR) is a collaboration environment based on Augmented Reality

Light-Emitting Roof Tiles

May 27, 2008No Comments

Roof tiles with integrated LEDs The roof has historically focused on one primary function: keeping out the elements. New technologies, as present in Light-Emitting Roof


May 12, 2008No Comments

Internet umbrella Researchers with Keio University’s Okude Laboratory have developed an unlikely platform to showcase content from the burgeoning image website Flickr. Pileus, also known


May 09, 2008No Comments

Modular interactive-sensor and lighting system The Sensacell system transforms architectural surfaces into dynamic interactive experiences. Sensacell capacitive proximity sensors detect people and objects on the

Graphic Concrete

Apr 09, 2008No Comments

Patterned precast concrete Graphic Concrete offers a new way to produce a patterned concrete surface. Graphic Concrete’s patented technology involves the application of a surface

Printed Food

Feb 06, 2008No Comments

Two-dimensional information-carrying food Printed Food is an edible material that provides a way to convey the nutritious elements of food to consumers in an extremely


Feb 03, 2008No Comments

Individual-tracking information display system Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is an automated identification process based on the storage and retrieval of data using transponders or RFID tags.