3D Display Cube

Jul 18, 2009No Comments

LED spatial display unit 3D Display Cube is a true spatial display unit that utilizes one thousand individually controllable LEDs to create three-dimensional forms and

Sensitive Floor

Jun 14, 2009No Comments

Interactive floor Sensitive Floor is an interactive video floor projection that reacts to the way people walk on it. Developed by iO Agency, this new


May 23, 2009No Comments

Smart fabric-based biotelemetry measurement device The BioHarness system uses patented smart-fabric technology in a diagnostic tool that measures heart rate and respiratory performance. Because the


Apr 16, 2009No Comments

Patterned cellular grill systems HyperGrill metal tiles are inspired by cellular constructions found in nature. The HyperGrill process approximates the efficiency of cellular compositions in

Super Cilia Skin

Mar 07, 2009No Comments

Silicone-based interactive membrane Mitchell Joachim, Hayes Raffle, and James Tichenor designed Super Cilia Skin (SCS) in 2002. SCS is a tactile and visual system inspired


Dec 23, 2008No Comments

Interactive water feature A typical fountain or waterscape consumes less water annually than an equal surface area of grass-planted lawn. Water features can also be

Dye-Sublimated Corian

Dec 16, 2008No Comments

Heat-based image transfer in DuPont Corian solid surface Dye-Sublimated Corian is a process by which graphic content, with the aid of computer software, is converted


Nov 09, 2008No Comments

Perforated wood and aluminum storage cupboard Riddled represents the latest phase of Steven Holl’s explorations of cellular geometries and perforated surfaces. Designed by Holl with


Oct 29, 2008No Comments

Linear timepiece and color display Part light fixture, part timepiece, part art installation, James Clar’s Line is a linear information display that utilizes the full-spectrum


Oct 25, 2008No Comments

Modular electronic-game prototype TileToy is a modular, electronic-game prototype for game tiles developed by English game designer Daniel Blackburn with Finnish designer and media artist