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Light-filtering polyester film Lumisty first drew widespread attention when it was used on the windows of Pleats Please, Issey Miyake’s clothing boutique in SOHO. Upon


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Light diffusion and control technology MesoOptics technology offers an innovative way to purify and control light with exceptional energy efficiency. MesoOptics material is produced using

Cloud Module

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Polystyrene shelving system Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec’s Cloud Modules are modular shelving units made of white polystyrene. The Cloud system was conceived as the proliferation


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High performance translucent glazing Solera is a high-performance translucent glazing made of glass. As a light diffuser, it is the equivalent of three to four


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Cast glass with encased bubble effect Waterglass from Architectural Systems, Inc. is made from crushed glass and proprietary chemicals which capture air bubbles within the


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Fabric light-control panels When used as a window and skylight covering, the polyester-based Lighttex panel blocks and redistributes direct sunlight more effectively than vertical or

Photovol Glass

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Semitransparent photovoltaic glazing panel Photovol Glass transforms any glazed surface into an environmentally-sound power station and effective shading device. During the manufacturing process, a laser


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Mass customizable print facade or interior wall material SmartWrap was featured at the inaugural SOLOS exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum. KieranTimberlake designed


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Glazing with integral sun control louvers Okasolar insulating glass is a new daylighting system without any moving components. Thanks to its direction-sensitive mirror profiles, Okasolar


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Transparent projection surface Originally developed at the Institute for Light and Building Technology, HoloPro is a transparent rear projection surface that is almost completely unaffected