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Set of legs to make an instant table Jorre van Ast’s Clamp-a-leg is designed to transform old planar surfaces into new table tops with a

Soft House

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Digitally fabricated housing with energy-harvesting and light-distributing curtains Soft House by KVA Matx transforms the household curtain into a set of energy-harvesting and light-emitting textiles


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Zippable modular carpet system Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec’s Zip carpet is a simple system of 200 x 75 cm wool felt modules that are connected


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Flexible polypropylene and polycarbonate shelving system Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec’s Self is a modular display cabinet comprised by simple, playful elements. White or black polypropylene


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Light-transmitting moveable walls Raydoor is a New York-based company that designs and manufactures room-dividing systems for the mid to upscale residential and commercial interiors market.

My Studio

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Recyclable office-furniture system My Studio Environments is an open-plan furniture system that contains 30 percent recycled material and nearly 70 percent recyclable content. Designed by


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Biomorphic seating unit Jakob + MacFarlane, the Paris-based architects known for their Georges Restaurant at the top of the Centre Pompidou, have designed a form

Bubble Glass

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Sheet glass containing grids and patterns of bubbles Developed by Penny Herscovitch and Dan Gottlieb, Bubble Glass contains perfect grids of tiny bubbles and a


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Water-repellent paint The leaves of the lotus plant are immaculately clean after every rainfall because dirt and microorganisms are unable to obtain a hold on


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Responsive polyester-based textile Utilizing cutting-edge nanotechnology, Hologenix has found a way to introduce millions of microscopic lenses permanently into natural and synthetic textiles. Holofiber fabric