SensiTile S90

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Light-bending polymer cube SensiTile S90 is a light-bending polymer cube that acts as a 90-degree mirror, transferring images of adjacent objects precisely across surfaces. A


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Structured polyhedral geotextile Flextegrity utilizes digital geometric modeling to create structural geotextiles and dimensional meshes at a variety of scales. Interlocking polyhedral shapes are constructed


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A collection of ad hoc functional objects Clampology is a family of informal objects designed to increase functionality of interior spaces. Manufactured by London-based designer

Fiber Wall

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Biodegradable-fiber space divider Designer John Hoiby characterizes green composites as fully biodegradable and consisting of plant fiber and plant-based resin. Developed as a collaborative thesis


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Punched-paper place mats Fragments is a series of paper place mats featuring punched-out patterns. They are all segments of the same pattern design, with references


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Flexible wedge shelving system Make/Shift is a flexible shelving system that can be arranged to fill spaces of varying sizes and between walls or even


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All-natural air-cleaning paint Developed by Japan-based Suzuran Corporation, Reben is an environmentally remediating paint made from 100 percent natural ingredients. Created as a response to


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Wall-mounted shelving system Designers Johannes Herbertsson and Karl-Henrik Rennstam created the Alog shelf based on the wall-hung magazine rack. Noting that the longevity of a


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Adjustable bicolor LED light Designed by Yves Béhar for Herman Miller, Leaf is the first light-emitting diode (LED) tabletop light that provides both warm and


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Pressed wool-felt carpet Designers Yvonne Laurysen and Erik Mantel developed Cell while exploring alternative methods of fabricating carpet for LAMA Concept. Unlike conventional carpets, Cell