Silva Cell

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Integrated tree and stormwater management system The Silva Cell integrated tree and stormwater system provides un-compacted soil volumes for large tree growth and on-site stormwater

Cloak Wall

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Environmentally-tuned wall system Since Chicagoan George W. Snow first built a balloon-frame warehouse in 1832, residential construction in the United States has evolved very little.


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Oxide coated green-tech water filtration media and porous concrete matrixes Many lakes, ponds and rivers suffer from algae blooms and depleted dissolved oxygen as a

16pxl Board

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Direct view lighting system The 16PXL Board RGB is a versatile, multiple-LED panel designed for interior display applications. The board unveils its full potential when

Vector Glass

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Glass with vector graphics of embedded air Vector Glass combines the the precision of digital fabrication with the serendipity of handmade, kiln-formed glass. PadLAb works


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Sound-, light-, and air-pollution-absorbing highway barrier system In the United States there are over 46,800 miles (75,317 kilometers) of highways with sound-barrier walls being erected

Scintilla Lumina

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Light-extending polymer-matrix panels A variation of SensiTile Scintilla, Scintilla Lumina extends light from a single source to hundreds of reflected points along the surface of

Mirror Duct System

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High-efficiency daylighting system A significant portion of building construction is made of opaque or light-reducing materials that require artificial lighting. Not only does artificial lighting


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Self-cleaning glass Pilkington’s Activ glass uses the power of the sun to clean itself. Activ is manufactured with the same advanced pyrolytic technology used to


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Porous, structural, user-adjusted modular wall system Drapewall is a full-scale wall prototype that explores energy conservation, modular-component assembly, and prefabricated construction for an inexpensive house.