Loop by the Yard

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Do-it-yourself textile material Loop By the Yard is a reversible textile-like material for all do-it-yourself projects. Designed as a free product take-back system, Loop is


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Rotomolded sleep chamber Narco is a cell for napping. Developed by Marie-Virginie Berbet for use in the workplace, Narco optimizes environmental conditions to provide a


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Oxide coated green-tech water filtration media and porous concrete matrixes Many lakes, ponds and rivers suffer from algae blooms and depleted dissolved oxygen as a

Rainwater H2OG

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LLDPE rainwater storage module Essentially a water-filled building block, Rainwater H2OG is a 51 gallon reuseable, food grade water storage module which works horizontally or

Made to Measure

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Adjustable stool Frustrated by the number of times a stool didn’t quite suit the height of the surface it was selected for, Monika Piatkowski designed


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Structurally Integrated Transparent solar façade system SITumbra is a passive solar façade system that mediates between the seasons to reduce solar heat gain in summer


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Illuminated living wall MYPODLife is a living wall and light box made of DuPont Corian. Part of an ongoing investigation into living wall technologies, MYPODLife

Pneu-Green Facade

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Garden facade with pneumatic outer skin Experimonde has developed a new kind of membrane curtain wall for domestic retrofits. Integrating the idea for an insulating

Silva Cell

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Integrated tree and stormwater management system The Silva Cell integrated tree and stormwater system provides un-compacted soil volumes for large tree growth and on-site stormwater

Solar Lampion

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A lantern made of solar cells The Solar Lampion is influenced by traditional paper lampions and structures found in nature, such as the geometric spiralling