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Set of legs to make an instant table Jorre van Ast’s Clamp-a-leg is designed to transform old planar surfaces into new table tops with a

Plyboo Neapolitan

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Shredded and compressed bamboo over solid bamboo substrate Made from bamboo-strand technology, Smith and Fong’s Plyboo Neapolitan is a durable, stable, and sustainable alternative to


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Undulating plywood surface Ply is a sculptural wall-element made of birch wood harvested in Finland. At 0.45 mm thick, the textile-thin birch plywood layer is


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Lightweight composite folding board Timm Herok developed Foldtex as a lightweight folding material in order to challenge traditional notions of product fittings, corner connections and

Kirei Board

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Sorghum-based architectural millwork material Kirei Board is a finish material with a dramatic grain and eco-friendly properties used for paneling, cabinetry, casework, furniture, retail displays,


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Solid hardwood that can be bent in a cold, dry state Bendywood is solid hardwood that can easily be bent while cold and dry to


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Lacquered eggshell-surfaced wood panels Made entirely by hand in Vietnam, these panels are a product of a long history of decorative inlay technique indigenous to


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Cork veneer over recycled paper substrate NovaCork panels are ideal for tackable surface applications located in high-traffic areas. The combination of post-consumer recycled cork and

Strandwoven Bamboo

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Compressed and densified bamboo hardwood flooring Strandwoven bamboo is one of the most durable hardwoods known. Used typically for hardwood flooring (and other millwork components),


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Fused wood and translucent acrylic Luminate combines translucent plastic and wood strips in a rigid panel format, allowing light to filter through a material used