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Multilayered polychromatic wood bench In Ripples, Toyo Ito draws his inspiration from the movement of concentric circles formed when a pebble is thrown into the


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Macadamia-nut-shell composite Before 1857, the macadamia nut grew nowhere else except on the mid–east coast of Australia. Australia is the largest producer of the macadamia


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Glass shelving with conical wood supports Toyo Ito’s Sendai shelf sculpture is highly reminiscent of his architectural tour de force by the same name. Like

Tropical Veneer Collection

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Rapidly renewable veneer panels from South America Tropical Veneer Collection consists of handcrafted veneer materials from South America, featuring rapidly renewable and commonly occurring materials,


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Woven liana chaise Liana is a category of climbing vines found in tropical and temperate forests. In some forests, overgrown liana can create congestion and


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Form-pressed veneer panels POP is a form-pressed-plywood panel system featuring three-dimensional convex impressions in a variety of wood and other finishes. POP is manufactured in


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Perforated wood and aluminum storage cupboard Riddled represents the latest phase of Steven Holl’s explorations of cellular geometries and perforated surfaces. Designed by Holl with

Wovin Wall

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Multidimensional wall and ceiling panel system The Wovin Wall System is a simple, modular panel system that utilizes depth for dramatic effect. It consists of


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Wall-mounted shelving system Designers Johannes Herbertsson and Karl-Henrik Rennstam created the Alog shelf based on the wall-hung magazine rack. Noting that the longevity of a

Spage Hog

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Woven-rattan lounge chair Designed and fabricated by Project Import Export, Space Hog is inspired by the human womb and is intended to be viewed from