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Bio-based structural insulated panel Agriboard is an insulated building panel comprised of compressed agricultural fibers, oriented strand board, and engineered lumber caps. Its principal product

Fortis Arbor

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Wood mosaic tiles Fortis Arbor wood mosaics are made by shaping and finishing exotic hardwoods made from plantation-grown lumber. The tiles are handcrafted from solid


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Acrylic-infused wood WoodSure is natural wood that has been infused with acrylic resin, which enhances both the beauty of the wood and its durability. The


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Bamboo and coconut-palm strips with a cloth backing Smith and Fong’s Tambour is a flexible, lightweight panel that is a cost effective and highly durable


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Woven water-hyacinth daybed According to the University of Florida Center for Aquatic Plants, water hyacinth is one of the most invasive plants. Water hyacinth was


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End-grain coconut-palm solid surfacing CocoBlock is a solid surface material made entirely of coconut palm that has been specially engineered to reveal its naturally fibrous


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Superior performance medium- and high-density fiberboard Maplex is an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional wood building materials. Maplex P (Performance) is a high-density fiberboard with


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Architectural panels crafted from environmentally friendly OSB Rapidly renewable timber is used to create Architectural Systems’ Ecotextures, architectural panels crafted from environmentally friendly oriented strand


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Acetylated wood Accoya is a high-performance solid wood that is modified by a proprietary process called acetylization. This technique increases the number of acetyl molecules,

Iconic Panels

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Carved MDF relief panels with a formed laminate surface One of the major outcomes of computer-driven fabrication technology is a renewed interest in ornament and