ClearSeam ITL

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Self structural translucent wall system Panelite has recently developed the ClearSeam ITL Fabrication System, a clear polycarbonate spine for interlocking self-structural translucent wall panels onsite.


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Water harvesting fabric VapourGuard is a dual-extruded polyethylene material used for dams and reservoirs to harvest and store water. Small drainage holes allow rainwater to

Pneu-Green Facade

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Garden facade with pneumatic outer skin Experimonde has developed a new kind of membrane curtain wall for domestic retrofits. Integrating the idea for an insulating


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Structurally Integrated Transparent solar façade system SITumbra is a passive solar façade system that mediates between the seasons to reduce solar heat gain in summer

Rainwater H2OG

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LLDPE rainwater storage module Essentially a water-filled building block, Rainwater H2OG is a 51 gallon reuseable, food grade water storage module which works horizontally or

Silva Cell

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Integrated tree and stormwater management system The Silva Cell integrated tree and stormwater system provides un-compacted soil volumes for large tree growth and on-site stormwater

3S Solar Block

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Energy-efficient diffuse daylighting system Duo-Gard Daylighting with 3S Solar Block represents an advance in high-performance daylighting technology using translucent polycarbonate glazing. The vision-enhanced, spectrally-selective coating

Cloak Wall

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Environmentally-tuned wall system Since Chicagoan George W. Snow first built a balloon-frame warehouse in 1832, residential construction in the United States has evolved very little.

Self-Repairing Matrices

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Self-Repairing and Sensing Matrices The fact that structural damage can go undetected in many materials means that some products are often over-engineered. However, substances that


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Structural foams Henkel’s series of Terocore foams consist of heat-activated or two-component epoxy foam products for structural applications such as reinforcement, durability and crashworthiness. They