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Graphically-enhanced architectural acrylic R-Cast Dura is a new Class A and Class I fire-rated material developed by Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. for architectural applications. The

Cloak Wall

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Environmentally-tuned wall system Since Chicagoan George W. Snow first built a balloon-frame warehouse in 1832, residential construction in the United States has evolved very little.

ClearSeam ITL

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Self structural translucent wall system Panelite has recently developed the ClearSeam ITL Fabrication System, a clear polycarbonate spine for interlocking self-structural translucent wall panels onsite.

Bio-Based Foams

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Bio-based flexible and rigid foams The Center for Composite Materials has synthesized flexible/rigid polyurethane foams from soybean oil polyols. The advantage of these foams is

Ambient Glow Technology

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Photoluminescent aggregates Ambient Glow Technology (AGT) is a proprietary blend of non-shrinking, extremely hard polyester resin and photoluminescent pigment. Exhibiting extremely high luminosity, AGT was

Adaptive Fritting

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Integral light-modulating window shading Hoberman Associates developed Adaptive Fritting in order to imbue an established architectural treatment with expanded functionality. Similar to standard fritted glass,

3S Solar Block

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Energy-efficient diffuse daylighting system Duo-Gard Daylighting with 3S Solar Block represents an advance in high-performance daylighting technology using translucent polycarbonate glazing. The vision-enhanced, spectrally-selective coating

Self-Healing Polymers

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A structural polymeric material with the ability to autonomically heal cracks Structural polymers are susceptible to damage: cracks form deep within the structure where detection

Revelation Screen

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Etched plastic panels laminated with color changing films Designed by Naomi Tsai, Revelation Screen combines color-changing film with polycarbonate and acrylic panels etched with organic

100 Percent

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Compressed 100% postconsumer recycled HDPE 100 Percent is a material designed to have a minimal environmental footprint. Made entirely from postconsumer recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE),