Liquids Ghosts

Apr 23, 2007No Comments

Plastic laminate incorporating microscopic photography Alex Schweder created Liquids Ghosts in order to blur the distinction between buildings and the bodies that occupy them. His


Apr 15, 2007No Comments

Expanded polypropylene acoustical panels Pepp acoustical panels are made with ARPRO, which is expanded polypropylene bead foam. Pepp panels are lightweight, structurally rigid, and are


Apr 04, 2007No Comments

Plastic laminate sheets with fabric and printed films Designed by Suzanne Tick and introduced by KnollTextiles in 2000, Imago is a family of products made

Cloud Module

Mar 23, 2007No Comments

Polystyrene shelving system Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec’s Cloud Modules are modular shelving units made of white polystyrene. The Cloud system was conceived as the proliferation


Mar 19, 20072 Comments

Translucent honeycomb panels with laminated fiberglass or cast resin facings Panelite panels were developed by architects Emmanuelle Bourlier and Christian Mitman to resolve an architectural


Jan 16, 2007No Comments

Hand-cast resin panels with encapsulated three-dimensional objects Lumicast incorporates embedded materials such as textiles, fibers, and organic substances within hand-cast polyester resin panels. Various inks

Krystal Weave Laminates

Jan 01, 2007No Comments

Translucent fabric encapsulated in polymer resin sheets Developed by Libby Kowalski, Krystal Weave Laminates capture and isolate fabrics from her Krystal Weave collection in transparent,


Nov 30, 2006No Comments

Mass customizable print facade or interior wall material SmartWrap was featured at the inaugural SOLOS exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum. KieranTimberlake designed


Nov 15, 2006No Comments

Polyester acoustic panels Soundwave was designed by Teppo Asikainen to help control the sound levels in busy interiors. Made from recyclable molded polyester-fiber, which is


Sep 29, 2006No Comments

Recycled polyethylene sheet Jazz is comprised by off-cuts and used chopping boards from the food preparation industry. Originally coded according to their use, Jazz sheets