Self-Healing Polymers

Dec 27, 2009No Comments

A structural polymeric material with the ability to autonomically heal cracks Structural polymers are susceptible to damage: cracks form deep within the structure where detection

Revelation Screen

Dec 16, 2009No Comments

Etched plastic panels laminated with color changing films Designed by Naomi Tsai, Revelation Screen combines color-changing film with polycarbonate and acrylic panels etched with organic

100 Percent

Nov 25, 2009No Comments

Compressed 100% postconsumer recycled HDPE 100 Percent is a material designed to have a minimal environmental footprint. Made entirely from postconsumer recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE),

Scintilla Lumina

Nov 09, 2009No Comments

Light-extending polymer-matrix panels A variation of SensiTile Scintilla, Scintilla Lumina extends light from a single source to hundreds of reflected points along the surface of

Intelligent Bioplastic

Oct 25, 2009No Comments

Recyclable shape-memory biopolymer Unlike conventional petroleum-based plastics, polylactic acid (PLA) plastic is mass produced by chemical synthesis using raw materials derived from corn. The production

Accura Bluestone

Sep 22, 2009No Comments

Engineered nanocomposite for stereolithography 3D Systems’s stereolithography process creates three-dimensional objects using a laser to cure sequential layers of material to form shapes that have


Aug 09, 2009No Comments

Lasercut-polystyrene module shelving Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec’s Brick modules are lasercut polystyrene shelving units. Originally conceived for the backdrop for an exhibition, the Brick system

Mind the Gap

Aug 01, 2009No Comments

Three-dimensional acrylic wallpaper Mind the Gap is an interconnected network of acrylic hexagonal boxes and strips applied in varying densities. Designer Ane Lykke uses these


Jul 21, 2009No Comments

Porous, structural, user-adjusted modular wall system Drapewall is a full-scale wall prototype that explores energy conservation, modular-component assembly, and prefabricated construction for an inexpensive house.

Topo Table

Jul 07, 2009No Comments

Customizable table with removable planter/vessels TOPO is a series of Corian tables with built-in reconfigurable landscapes. Plastic inserts drop into the table to create functional