Trigger Points

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Therapeutic plaster moldings Massage therapists commonly work to access and manipulate multiple trigger points in the body as a means of aiding diverse ailments. Design

Found Space Tiles

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Profiled ceramic wall tiles Found Space Tiles transform the common into the uncommon. Designers Stephanie Davidson and Georg Rafailidis developed the tiles after seeking greater

Fly Ash Panels

Mar 01, 20111 Comment

Fly ash building components Fly ash is the waste product of burning coal that is largely comprised of carbon and contains many heavy metals. Fly


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Electro-conductive gypsum wallboard Electroboard is an interior finish material that pairs flat-wire technology with a fire resistant gypsum core. It provides an electrified low-voltage surface

Y Blocks

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Cellular ceramic building blocks Y Blocks are a new type of brick system that creates an informally arranged wall or paving surface while utilizing a

Q Blocks

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Multifunctional ceramic building blocks Bricks and tiles, though materially similar, are commonly understood as discrete building materials. Bricks are stacked to produce a solid volume,

Cassini Blocks

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Kidney-shaped ceramic building blocks Designed as a new type of wall system, Cassini Blocks embrace the natural and formal tendencies of ceramics as a starting

Self-Repairing Composites

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Ultralight graphite polymer composites Aircraft and marine vessels are significant contributors to global warming. Airplane vapor trails release CO2 as well as other pollutants, and

PS Photo Tiles

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High-resolution photographic tiles Sweden-based Parisima Kadh AB has developed a method for applying photographic images and other visual content to ceramic tiles. Unlike similar processes

OneStep Building System

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Concrete Form Masonry Units The OneStep Building System is a holistic, high-performance building product that addresses the entire exterior structure of a wall. The System’s