Fly Ash Panels

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Fly ash building components Fly ash is the waste product of burning coal that is largely comprised of carbon and contains many heavy metals. Fly

Self-Repairing Composites

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Ultralight graphite polymer composites Aircraft and marine vessels are significant contributors to global warming. Airplane vapor trails release CO2 as well as other pollutants, and


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Flexible natural shell surface covering Flexipane is a seamless surface covering made of natural shells popularly known as Capiz. The shells are made soft and


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Oxide coated green-tech water filtration media and porous concrete matrixes Many lakes, ponds and rivers suffer from algae blooms and depleted dissolved oxygen as a

Sensitive Apertures

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Cellular ceramic light apertures Sensitive Apertures is a modular slip-cast ceramic building skin designed to admit a small quantity of light through a refractive glass

Woven Stone

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Profiled stone tile mosaic Woven Stone is part of the ASI Specialty Products Magna Mosaic Collection. Earth tones combined with dimensional, geometric features create a


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Electro-conductive gypsum wallboard Electroboard is an interior finish material that pairs flat-wire technology with a fire resistant gypsum core. It provides an electrified low-voltage surface


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Natural shell panels Eco-Essence is a decorative surface panel, handmade from natural Mother of Pearl or Capiz shells, available on a selection of backings for

Ceramic Composite Material

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Carbon fiber-reinforced ceramic composite Brembo Ceramic Brake Systems manufactures advanced composite ceramic braking systems for automotive applications as well as general research and development for

Cassini Blocks

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Kidney-shaped ceramic building blocks Designed as a new type of wall system, Cassini Blocks embrace the natural and formal tendencies of ceramics as a starting