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Fused-stone and protective-glass composite The Fusionstone proprietary process involves ultra-clear glass permanently fused to exotic stone slabs to achieve superior surface protection while retaining and

Kerrigan Architectural Tile

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High-relief ceramic forms Kerrigan ceramic architectural tiles are the result of Chicago-based designer Bryan Kerrigan’s methodical exploration of dimensionality and texture of the ceramic tile.

Tactile Ceramics

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Biomorphic porcelain sculptures Ikuko Iwamoto’s work is influenced by the microscopic world, and she is infatuated with cells, spores, and pollens. Iwamoto’s Tactile Ceramics are

Novec 1230

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Zero ozone-depleting fire-protection fluid 3M’s Novec 1230 fire-protection fluid is a next-generation halon replacement that balances concerns for human safety, performance, and the environment. Novec


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Exfoliated Graphite Nano-Platelets Exfoliated Graphite Nano-Platelets (xGnP) is a new type of nanoparticle made from graphite. These nanoparticles consist of small stacks of graphene that

Strong Enviroboard

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Low-embodied-energy fireproof wallboard Strong Enviroboard (SEB) is a multifunctional wallboard and floorboard composed of magnesium oxide, aerated rock, and recycled cellulose from furniture manufacturing. When

Luminescent Gravel

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Luminescent-gravel safety flooring S. Lövenstein BV integrates luminescent particles within gravel floors in order to enhance the emergency-exit signage within a building. The particles can

Transparent Ceramics

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Transparent high-strength oxide ceramics Translucent alumina ceramics have exhibited low mechanical properties and a low in-line transmission of unscattered light (less than fifteen percent) because


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Architectural terra cotta facade panels and elements Today, masonry is used in building facades more often for its durability and weather protection than for its


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Translucent silica aerogel Manufactured by Cabot Corporation via a patented process, Nanogel is a lightweight, nanoporous material that delivers unsurpassed thermal insulation and light transmission.