Aegis Hyposurface

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Environmentally-responsive architectural surface Designed by Mark Goulthorpe of dECOi Architects, the Aegis project consists of an interactive mechanical surface that deforms in real-time based on


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Rib-reinforced thin-wall structures When a thin-wall structure is loaded in compression, it eventually reaches a point of instability, where the wall buckles out of plane.

Zinc Foam

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Zinc foamed plates, sandwiches and 3D parts Developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology, Zinc Foam is a low density, low


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Recycled aluminum solid surface Alkemi is a recycled composite material composed of a minimum of sixty percent postindustrial scrap aluminum and polymeric resins for use

Tri-Chord Steel

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Thermally-efficient steel framing system A recycled steel stud system can be an environmentally superior choice to virgin wood studs, but thermal bridging between the highly


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Lightweight recycled metal ceiling panels Geometrix Metal Ceiling Panels add an entirely new dimension to metal ceiling design. The lightweight aluminum panels are offered in


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Electrolytic method for coloring titanium and titanium alloys Titanium and its alloys are widely used based on their chemical resistance and high mechanical performance related


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Aluminum foam Alulight aluminum foam was designed to combine attributes such as high stiffness, low weight, and high energy absorption—qualities that enable aluminum foam to


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Corrugated anodized aluminum sheets Aero consists of tightly corrugated anodized aluminum sheets that are flexible and formable. Crisp, exacting folds characterize each sheet and cast


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Recycled steel landscape trellis system Greenscreen is a landscape trellis system for fencing, wall-mounted applications, or freestanding enclosures. When combined with a variety of climbing