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Lightweight recycled metal ceiling panels Geometrix Metal Ceiling Panels add an entirely new dimension to metal ceiling design. The lightweight aluminum panels are offered in


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Electrolytic method for coloring titanium and titanium alloys Titanium and its alloys are widely used based on their chemical resistance and high mechanical performance related


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Aluminum foam Alulight aluminum foam was designed to combine attributes such as high stiffness, low weight, and high energy absorption—qualities that enable aluminum foam to


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Corrugated anodized aluminum sheets Aero consists of tightly corrugated anodized aluminum sheets that are flexible and formable. Crisp, exacting folds characterize each sheet and cast


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Recycled steel landscape trellis system Greenscreen is a landscape trellis system for fencing, wall-mounted applications, or freestanding enclosures. When combined with a variety of climbing


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Triangulated metal composite frame ExoGrid is a technology that was initially developed to improve the performance of high-end bicycle frames. In this application, the tubes


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Cast metal vertical wall surfacing Gagecast is a cast metal surfacing appropriate for vertical applications consisting of metal patterns that feature high luster, pattern depth,

Body Index

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Biomorphically-derived chair Designed by Sean Ahlquist, Body Index is intended to capture multiple body positions within a single form. The design utilizes software technology that


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Intelligent infrastructure for power, data and display systems Designed by Danny Hillis, Bran Ferren, and Sheila Kennedy, Viaro is intended to catalyze a new generation

GKD Metal Fabrics

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Woven metal fabrics Woven metal fabrics have been developed for use as decorative and functional design elements in architecture. The French National Library in Paris