EcoSmart Fire

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Flueless, environmentally friendly fireplaces So deeply embedded is our notion of what a fireplace should be that one’s first look at an EcoSmart Fire is


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Elevated automobile storage system with integrated dwelling unit CarLoft is a vehicle storage system devised to reframe the city-dweller’s relationship with the automobile. In their

City Servings

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Vessels made from repurposed metals City Servings are bowls made from metal washers and discs reclaimed from former industrial uses. Artist Tammy Roy crafts each

Copper Curtain Wall

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Copper and copper-alloy facade systems Although copper has been used as a roofing material for centuries, its current application as a curtain-wall material is notable.


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Window frame that transforms into a balcony Bloomframe is a window frame that can be transformed into a balcony. Designed by Amsterdam-based Hofman Dujardin Architects,

My Studio

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Recyclable office-furniture system My Studio Environments is an open-plan furniture system that contains 30 percent recycled material and nearly 70 percent recyclable content. Designed by

Steel Tongue

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Woven aluminum and steel chair Steel Tongue chair is inspired by the pierced tongue. The Project Import Export design is handcrafted with stainless-steel wire and


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Algorithmically-derived metal systems Milgo/Bufkin can bend complex shapes in metal, providing solutions to the most demanding problems. These shapes are economical alternatives to extrusions and

Protrude, Flow

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Magnetic fluid art Magnetic fluid is a black liquid that is made by dissolving ferro-magnetic micro-powder in a solvent such as oil or water. The

Bonded Metal

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Lightweight metal sheets with durable castings Bonded Metal is the product of a unique technology that casts metal granules within a durable FRP matrix. Advanced