Reynobond with Kevlar

Feb 13, 2010No Comments

Kevlar-coated aluminum composite panel The devastating power of hurricanes has had a memorable impact in recent years, and damage caused by windborne debris has destroyed

Hoberman Arch

Jan 08, 2010No Comments

Retractable arch The Hoberman Arch is a 72-foot-diameter transforming “curtain” composed of two main parts: a matrix of movable panels and a static arch that

Live Within Skin

Dec 05, 2009No Comments

Vertical-garden wall system Live Within Skin is a wall system comprised of engineered layers of lightweight plant growth medium. Designed by Greenmeme ecological designer Freya


Nov 11, 2009No Comments

Shape-transforming lighting fixture Like the Lotus flower, which opens its petals in the presence of the sun and closes them in its absence, Hanabi opens


Oct 29, 2009No Comments

Sound-responsive wall Inspired by the natural phenomenon of tropism—in which a plant actively responds to external stimuli—designer Natasa Sljivancanin constructed an intelligent kinetic building system


Aug 31, 2009No Comments

Dynamic shape-memory-alloy display system PixelSkin02 explores new possibilities in media augmented surfaces by employing the mechanical properties inherent in shape memory alloys (SMA). In an


Jun 18, 2009No Comments

Low-reflectivity stainless-steel finish InvariMatte is a nondirectional, low-gloss, uniformly textured stainless-steel finish designed for use in architectural applications. While its lower reflectivity lends itself to

Array Screen

Jun 11, 2009No Comments

Decorative steel screen Array is a stainless-steel screen inspired by the decorative economy of patterns in Islamic architecture, mathematical sequences, and growth patterns in nature.


Apr 16, 2009No Comments

Patterned cellular grill systems HyperGrill metal tiles are inspired by cellular constructions found in nature. The HyperGrill process approximates the efficiency of cellular compositions in

Prism Screen

Nov 24, 2008No Comments

Modular aluminum-prism screen system The aggregation of thin, triangular aluminum prisms, which are transformed into intriguing structures that resemble eccentric space-frames, makes up Prism Screen.