16pxl Board

Jan 01, 2010No Comments

Direct view lighting system The 16PXL Board RGB is a versatile, multiple-LED panel designed for interior display applications. The board unveils its full potential when

WET Lamp

Dec 23, 2009No Comments

Water-filled glass lamp with manual dimmer According to Los Angeles-based NONdesigns, water and electricity have become friends. WET Lamp is an elegant and playful series

Mirror Duct System

Oct 10, 2009No Comments

High-efficiency daylighting system A significant portion of building construction is made of opaque or light-reducing materials that require artificial lighting. Not only does artificial lighting

3D Display Cube

Jul 18, 2009No Comments

LED spatial display unit 3D Display Cube is a true spatial display unit that utilizes one thousand individually controllable LEDs to create three-dimensional forms and

Portable Light

Jul 14, 2009No Comments

Energy-harvesting textile Portable Light is an interdisciplinary design and engineering project initiated by KVA MATx to provide decentralized, sustainable lighting and electrical power to more

Solaris Glass

Mar 03, 2009No Comments

Fused glass with LED backlight Solaris Glass is a wall-mounted “lightwork” inspired by the beauty of sunlight streaming through stained-glass windows. The result of a


Feb 27, 2009No Comments

Linear illumination using point-source lamps Linelight maximizes the illumination potential of artificial lighting by channeling the illumination of one or two light sources along a


Feb 20, 2009No Comments

Sculptural pendant light Noodle is an open, gestural squiggle in space—a loose sketch composed of reflective metal. Manufacturer Korban/Flaubert describes the highly expressive sculptural light

Textile Softlight

Jan 14, 2009No Comments

Spun-polyethylene honeycomb lights Molo Design’s Textile Softlight is an expandable floor lamp made entirely of sheets of spun polyethylene fiber that utilize an expandable honeycomb


Oct 29, 2008No Comments

Linear timepiece and color display Part light fixture, part timepiece, part art installation, James Clar’s Line is a linear information display that utilizes the full-spectrum