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Glass flooring and surfaces UltraGlas Inc. offers an embossed low-iron glass for flooring and other surface applications. UltraGlasFlooring may be laminated for suspended applications. It


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Cast glass with encased bubble effect Waterglass from Architectural Systems, Inc. is made from crushed glass and proprietary chemicals which capture air bubbles within the

Square Chair

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Glass chair made with flexible suspension system Designed by Robert Buss, Square Chair No. 5 is a modern piece made of glass and steel; the


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Phosphorescent cast glass Luna is a unique cast glass building material that contains a phosphorescent chemical, absorbing light during the day and glowing for hours


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Three-dimensional woven glass fabric Parabeam 3D glass fabric is woven out of a 100% e-glass yarn and consists of two deck layers bonded together by

Photovol Glass

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Semitransparent photovoltaic glazing panel Photovol Glass transforms any glazed surface into an environmentally-sound power station and effective shading device. During the manufacturing process, a laser

Deco Wired Glass

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Metal wire-reinforced safety glass Designed by Simone de Waart, Deco Wired Glass is safety glass reinforced with stainless steel wires knitted into decorative configurations. Because


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Glazing with integral sun control louvers Okasolar insulating glass is a new daylighting system without any moving components. Thanks to its direction-sensitive mirror profiles, Okasolar


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Epoxy resin-based composite containing recycled glass Ttura was developed as a result of a collaboration between Resin Building Products Limited and Sheffield Hallam University’s Art


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Transparent projection surface Originally developed at the Institute for Light and Building Technology, HoloPro is a transparent rear projection surface that is almost completely unaffected