Panelite IGU

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Insulated glass unit with tubular polycarbonate core Expanding on the existing technology of Insulating Glass Units, which consist of a hermetically sealed airspace between glass

Recycled Glass

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100% recycled glass As wine consumption rises, waste glass collections improve, and landfill charges continue to increase in the UK, there is a large and


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Capillary daylighting glass Kapilux is an insulating glass with an integrated capillary slab consisting of a large number of honeycomb- structured thin-walled transparent or white


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Textured glass tile surfacing and flooring UltraGlas Taffeta features a subtle and durable embossed texture on the exposed surface. Many designs may be specified with


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Metallic interlayers for laminated glass Vanceva metallic interlayers are permanently bonded between two sheets of glass to form durable, high performance glazing. The Vanceva metallic


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High performance translucent glazing Solera is a high-performance translucent glazing made of glass. As a light diffuser, it is the equivalent of three to four


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Glass flooring and surfaces UltraGlas Inc. offers an embossed low-iron glass for flooring and other surface applications. UltraGlasFlooring may be laminated for suspended applications. It


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Cast glass with encased bubble effect Waterglass from Architectural Systems, Inc. is made from crushed glass and proprietary chemicals which capture air bubbles within the

Square Chair

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Glass chair made with flexible suspension system Designed by Robert Buss, Square Chair No. 5 is a modern piece made of glass and steel; the


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Phosphorescent cast glass Luna is a unique cast glass building material that contains a phosphorescent chemical, absorbing light during the day and glowing for hours