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100% recycled-glass aggregate TriVitro’s 100 percent recycled-glass aggregates are appropriate for use in terrazzo flooring, tiles, counter tops, concrete pavers, wall finishes, and exposed aggregate

Kiln Glass Textures

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Textured, translucent cast glass Preferred for its ability to deliver transparency and views, glass has typically been appreciated for its ability to nearly disappear; its

IQ Glass

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Radiant-heating glass Spaces clad primarily in glass are often poorly insulated and uncomfortably cold during winter months. Condensation is also a problem when single-pane glass


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Recycled construction-waste glass Tempered transparent glass is used in the construction industry for windows and other applications. Construction glass is often over-ordered to account for

Cast Glass Facades

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Cast-glass exterior and interior cladding systems Shanghai Kang Yu Jie Sen’s Cast Glass Facades exhibit superior clarity, the highest refractive index of any architectural glass,

Bubble Glass

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Sheet glass containing grids and patterns of bubbles Developed by Penny Herscovitch and Dan Gottlieb, Bubble Glass contains perfect grids of tiny bubbles and a

Panelite IGU

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Insulated glass unit with tubular polycarbonate core Expanding on the existing technology of Insulating Glass Units, which consist of a hermetically sealed airspace between glass

Recycled Glass

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100% recycled glass As wine consumption rises, waste glass collections improve, and landfill charges continue to increase in the UK, there is a large and


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Capillary daylighting glass Kapilux is an insulating glass with an integrated capillary slab consisting of a large number of honeycomb- structured thin-walled transparent or white


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Textured glass tile surfacing and flooring UltraGlas Taffeta features a subtle and durable embossed texture on the exposed surface. Many designs may be specified with