Mold Gardens

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Glass sandblasted with enlarged images of mold and growth medium Mold almost always carries a negative connotation. However, landscape artist Stacy Levy celebrates the substance,


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Stained-glass and mirror surfacing Meshglass is a flexible tiling system comprised of stained-glass and mirror pieces connected to a fiberglass mesh backing. Designed to overlay


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Syntactic foam Advantic is a syntactic foam made by mixing or combining hollow glass microspheres with an epoxy resin. This high-strength composite solves many of


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Sculptural recycled cast glass Once glass is tempered, it cannot be cut. If someone attempts to cut tempered glass, the glass will explode. Companies often


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Syntactic foam laminate Synlam is Cornerstone Research Group’s family of high-performance, syntactic-core, laminated composites. A unique material design and fabrication process incorporates thin layers of


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Cast resin and silk sandwiched between glass 3form Glass is based on a patent-pending liquid lamination technology that allows for even distribution of objects throughout

LEDs in Glass

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LEDs in transparent glass panels Conceived by glass artist Ulli Kampelmann, LEDs in Glass was originally developed to expand the opportunities available in her own


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100% recycled-glass aggregate TriVitro’s 100 percent recycled-glass aggregates are appropriate for use in terrazzo flooring, tiles, counter tops, concrete pavers, wall finishes, and exposed aggregate

Kiln Glass Textures

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Textured, translucent cast glass Preferred for its ability to deliver transparency and views, glass has typically been appreciated for its ability to nearly disappear; its

IQ Glass

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Radiant-heating glass Spaces clad primarily in glass are often poorly insulated and uncomfortably cold during winter months. Condensation is also a problem when single-pane glass