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Pressed wool-felt carpet Designers Yvonne Laurysen and Erik Mantel developed Cell while exploring alternative methods of fabricating carpet for LAMA Concept. Unlike conventional carpets, Cell

WAVE panel

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Textile and aluminum acoustic wall panels WAVE panel is a system of acoustic wall panels composed of fire-retardant foam covered with open-structure textiles and pressed

Fiber Optic Rug

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Hand-tufted wool rug with fiber optics Influenced by an apprenticeship in Japan, designer Jody Harrow developed Groundplans, a floor-covering collection consisting of hand-tufted wool rugs


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Foam-encapsulated furniture with dimensional fabric Facett is a furniture collection made of foam without any visible structure or feet. The complete encapsulation of foam gives


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Composite textured textile Andrea Valentini’s Bump material is a sculptural textile made from various fabrics bound to closed cellular foam. The foam is extremely lightweight


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Flexible synthetic-fur fabric Furore is a porous, synthetic-fur fabric inspired by expanded-metal technology. Designers Yvonne Laurysen and Erik Mantel developed the product for LAMA Concept

Soft House

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Digitally fabricated housing with energy-harvesting and light-distributing curtains Soft House by KVA Matx transforms the household curtain into a set of energy-harvesting and light-emitting textiles


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Zippable modular carpet system Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec’s Zip carpet is a simple system of 200 x 75 cm wool felt modules that are connected

Recycled Leather

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Upholstery and tile material made of recycled leather Spinneybeck’s Recycled Leather is taken from shoe-sole scraps, ground up and mixed with a water-based adhesive that

Digital Dawn

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Electroluminescent window covering Designed by Rachel Wingfield, Digital Dawn is a textile that responds to environmental stimuli. Digital Dawn functions as a traditional window blind