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pH-sensitive exterior textile surface Jordan Geiger developed Litmuscreen as an architectural and product design material based on the performance and properties of litmus paper. Litmuscreen


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Hand-loomed natural grass fiber textiles Windochine’s lustrous, organic weaves are hand loomed in Asia by master craftsmen steeped in traditional techniques. Windochine’s signature design is


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Spread tow carbon fabric TeXtreme is a high-performance carbon fabric used in composites for aerospace, automotive, marine, and other industries. The distinct mechanical properties of


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Chromagenic fiber Morphotex is the world’s first optical coloring fiber, inspired by the chromogenic principle of Morpho butterflies that inhabit areas along the Amazon in

Plains Collection

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Metal-enhanced solar textile Kova Textiles developed the Plains Collection to improve upon existing solar shade matrices. Made from vinyl coated polyester and aluminum slit film,


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Knitted stainless steel and polyester fabric DoubleFace is a semi-transparent fabric with one side comprised of stainless steel and the other made of polyester. This


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Spatial textile system Raum(Zeit)Kleider is a spatial system that can be folded and transformed from a two-dimensional planar surface into a three-dimensional object, incorporating different

Choreographed Geometry

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Constructed three-dimensional fabric Choreographed Geometry is a systematically developed textile object whose geometry is exposed to a number of manipulative processes through its use in


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Recycled PET and vinyl textiles Vy&Elle creates products for everyday use from second generation industrial waste such as reclaimed vinyl billboards, fabric banners and 100%


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Electronically-controlled textile Shutters is a shape-changing permeable textile for environmental control and communication. It consists of a curtain composed of actuated louvers that can be