Choreographed Geometry

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Constructed three-dimensional fabric Choreographed Geometry is a systematically developed textile object whose geometry is exposed to a number of manipulative processes through its use in

Felt Rocks

Dec 09, 2009No Comments

Recycled-wool sculptural rocks Molo design’s Felt Rocks are part discovery, part invention. In their raw form, they are lumps of felt formed as a byproduct


Nov 20, 2009No Comments

Modular decorative tiles utilizing brush-making technology Tactile and whimsical, Brush tiles are ideal as decorative elements in commercial or residential environments. Available in over one

Sonic Fabric

Oct 14, 2009No Comments

Audible upholstery woven of recycled cassette tape Artist Alyce Santoro invented Sonic Fabric after being inspired by Tibetan prayer flags inscribed with wind-activated blessings as


Sep 29, 2009No Comments

High-performance LCP yarn Vectran is a high-performance multifilament yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer (LCP). Vectran fiber exhibits exceptional strength and rigidity and is five


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PLA Textile In a notable departure from petroleum-based textiles, Ingeo derives its fiber from corn, an annually renewable resource. Bacterial fermentation is used to convert

Vy & Elle

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Recycled-vinyl-billboard bags and accessories Vinyl billboards are used nationwide as temporary banner advertisements and are usually discarded into landfills, where they leech polluting materials. Upset

Hammock Chair

Aug 05, 2009No Comments

Folding fabric vessel and suspended knitted seat Designer Nicola Lagan conceived of the Hammock Chair as a means of displaying her Mar(ca) geometric textile research.

Texaa Panels

Jun 29, 2009No Comments

High-performance acoustical panel and wallcovering Texaa manufacturers a suite of products engineered to address the acoustical challenges of any room, including Strato, Stereo, and Vibrasto

Les Tuiles

Jun 05, 2009No Comments

Textile bricks Les Tuiles is a system of textile bricks designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Kvadrat. Les Tuiles was conceived as a “immersive