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Internet umbrella Researchers with Keio University’s Okude Laboratory have developed an unlikely platform to showcase content from the burgeoning image website Flickr. Pileus, also known


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Modular interactive-sensor and lighting system The Sensacell system transforms architectural surfaces into dynamic interactive experiences. Sensacell capacitive proximity sensors detect people and objects on the

XURF Systems

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Continuously morphable curved surfaces XURF (eXpandable sURFaces) Systems generates continuously morphable curved surfaces. Inspired by biological membranes, the resulting surfaces are rigid yet pliable and


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Individual-tracking information display system Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is an automated identification process based on the storage and retrieval of data using transponders or RFID tags.

Magink Billboard

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Digital-ink outdoor display Magink is the world’s first developer and provider of full-color “digital ink” displays. Digital ink technology is an environmentally friendly alternative to


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Digitally-controlled surface manipulation of materials Texxus creates 3D surface forms and textures for architectural, industrial, and consumer products. Using advanced modeling and production software, Texxus

Lamina 1.0

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Software that facilitates construction of precise free-form structures from sheet material Designed by Paul Haeberli, Lamina 1.0 software facilitates the fabrication of large-scale free-form structures

ERCO Virtual Luminaires

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Virtual luminaire models for digital lighting simulation ERCO virtual luminaires are digital fixtures that accurately predict how their real counterparts will behave. Architecture begins in


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Interactive holographic wall Teams need team computers: until now, working with a personal computer has only been possible for individuals. With the InterWall, it is


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A process that creates 3D imagery of the ground subsurface The lack of accurate infrastructure mapping has resulted in the loss of billions of dollars